The Registry

The Registry of the High Court is the intermediate level between the High Court and Magistrate Court and it is the Administrative centre in charge of the day to day running of the High Court.

The Registry takes care of files of staff. It consists of three (3) essential Departments namely: Administrative Department, Litigation Department and Finance & Accounts Department. Under these are divisions and units like Maintenance, Appeal, Library, Probate, Training, Planning, Salary, Special duties unit, Audit, Establishment, Monitoring and Evaluation etc

The Chief Registrar is the Administrative Head of the High Court Registry. He is assisted by four (4) other legally qualified officers like him who rose through the ranks from The Magisterial Bench. These are the Deputy Chief Registrars.

Principal Officers of the Registry

MR. L.O. AROJO Chief Registrar

Deputy Chief Registrar (Admin & Probate)

Deputy Chief Registrar (Litigation & Appeal)

Deputy Chief Registrar (Maintenance, Procurement & Due Process)

Deputy Chief Registrar (Establishment, Monitoring & Protocol)

There are other supporting staff in charge of each of the departments assisting the Chief Registrar namely; Assistant Chief Registrar (Administration), Assistant Chief Registrar (Litigation), Assistant Chief Registrar (Maintenance) and Director of Finance & Accounts. This intermediate level takes care of the welfare of staff generally including Judges and Magistrates.

Other officers that occupy main offices in the Registry include:

# Name Position Dept/Unit
1. Mr. M.O. Atanda Asst. Chief Registrar Administrative Section
2. Mrs. E.O.G. Olawuni Asst. Chief Registrar Litigation Section
3. Mr. O. Adeosun Principal Registrar Probate Section
4. Mrs. O.T. Olurotimi Senior Registrar Establishment Section
5. Mrs. J.F. Olorunfemi Principal Registrar Training, Monitoring & Staff Development Unit/Special Duties Unit
6. Mr. J. Taiwo Principal Registrar Maintenance Section
7.   Senior Registrar Appeal Section
8. Mr. A. Akeju Senior Registrar Protocol Section/Correspondence Unit
9. Mrs. D.A. Adubi Senior Registrar Planning Section
10. Mrs. R. Alabi Librarian Library & Information Section
12. Mr. A.A. Edu Director Fianance & Accounts
13. Mr. J.T. Adebayo Chief Executive Officer Internal Auditor
14. Mr. A.I. Martins Assistant C.E.O Salary Section
15. Mr. S.A. Adesina Senior Executive Officer Other Charges