The Judiciary

Our Vision

To project a just and equitable society, free from all forms of man inhumanity to man and the recourse to the state of nature.

Our History

The State of Osun Judiciary emerged with the creation of Osun State on 27th August, 1991 by the then Military President, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida.

Like the state itself, which was carved out of the 'old' Oyo State, the State of Osun Judiciary successfully detached itself from that of Oyo State when the then Acting Chief Judge of Oyo State, Hon. Justice Akinola Apara, led 10 other Hon. Judges from Oyo State (who were indigenes of Osun State) to pioneer the Judiciary of the 'new' Osun State.

The inauguration of the 1st set of Honourable Judges of the State of Osun took place on 3rd October, 1991 before the then Military Administrator of the State , Col Leo Segun Ajiborisa, at the Administrators office, Osogbo. His Lordship, the Hon. Justice Akin Apara was sworn in as the substantive and pioneer Chief Judge of the State of Osun on 3rd December, 1991.

In August 1992, Osun State also witnessed the appointment of the 1st set of Judges namely late Hon. O Iyanda, late Hon. Justice R. O. Yusuf, Late Hon. Justice (Dr) L. O. Aremu, Late Hon. Justice F. O. Ogunsola and Hon. Justice Jimi Bada (now Justice of the Court of Appeal).

The Judiciary of Osun State also witnessed the creation of the 1st customary Court of Appeal in the South West Geo Political Zone of this Country. The inauguration of the Court and the 1st President, Hon. Justice G.O. Ojo (Rtd) came up on 20th May, 2008 while the 1st set of 3 Judges of the State Customary Court of Appeal took the oath of office on 25th June, 2008.

The state of Osun Judiciary now has 19 High Court Judges under the leadership of the Hon. Chief Judge, Hon. Justice O. A. Ojo, His Lordship, the Chief Judges of the State, of Osun, Hon. Justice O. A. Ojo, was sworn in on 17th June 2013 as the 6th Chief Judge of the State. His Lordship, the Chief Judge and other Judges of the State Judiciary now adjudicate in the 12 Divisions of the High Court in the State. The State of Osun judiciary also boasts of a resilient and articulate workforce headed by the Chief Registrar, Mr. L. O. Arojo, assisted by four (4) Deputy Chief Registrars.

The magistracy of the State consist of 24 Magisterial Districts manned by Magistrates of different cadres.

Again, District Courts have been created in the state to compliment the duties of the Customary Court and that of the Customary Court of Appeal.

The laws of Oyo State, applicable to Osun State on its creation have been replaced with the laws of Osun State, 2008. Hence the Law regulating, the activities of the High court in Osun State is the High Court Law Cap. 50, laws of Osun State, 2002 while proceedings of that Court are governed by the Osun State High Court (Amended) Civil procedure Rules, 2008.


"Where there is a right, there is a remedy"