List of Judicial Divisions

# Judicial Division Court Station Head L.G.A
1. Osogbo High Court of Justice, Osogbo (6 Courts) Mrs. E.O.G. Olawuni Osogbo
2. Ile-Ife High Court of Justice, Ile-Ife (3 Courts) Mr. J.A Oke Ife Central
3. Ilesa High Court of Justice, Ilesa (3 Courts) Mrs. E.O. Fafowora Ilesa West
4. Iwo High Court of Justice, Iwo Mrs. J.O. Oladiran-Ojo Iwo
5. Ikirun High Court of Justice, Ikirun Mr. O. Adeniji Ifelodun
6. Ikire High Court of Justice, Ikire (2 Courts) Mr. B.O. Olapade Irewole
7. Ede High Court of Justice, Ede Mr. W.A. Mustapha Ede North
8. Ejigbo High Court of Justice, Ejigbo Mr. O. Oseni Ejigbo
9. Ila-Orangun High Court of Justice, Ila-Orangun Mr. A.R. Adetoyi Ila-Orangun
10. Okuku High Court of Justice, Okuku Mrs. R.A.T. Adesola Odo-Otin
11. Ifetedo High Court of Justice, Ifetedo Mr. Adeyemi Hezekiah Ife South

List of Magisterial Districts

# Magisterial District Court Station Head L.G.A
1. Osogbo Chief Magistrate's Court, Osogbo Mrs. D. Adesiyan Osogbo
2. Ile-Ife Chief Magistrate's Court, Ile-Ife Mrs. G.O. Jimi-Bada Ife Central
3. Ilesa Chief Magistrate's Court, Ilesa Mr. A.A. Adeagbo Ilesa West
4. Iwo Chief Magistrate's Court, Iwo Mrs. T.O. Fashina Iwo
5. Ikirun Chief Magistrate's Court, Ikirun Miss G.O. Akinleye Ifelodun
6. Ikire Chief Magistrate's Court, Ikire Miss A.A. Olasupo Irewole
7. Ede Chief Magistrate's Court, Ede Mrs. H.M.A. Adewumi-Oluitan Ede North
8. Ejigbo Chief Magistrate's Court, Ejigbo Mr. A.O. Ogini Ejigbo
9. Ila-Orangun Chief Magistrate's Court, Ila-Orangun Mr. A.R. Adetoyi Ila-Orangun
10. Okuku Chief Magistrate's Court, Okuku Mrs. R.A.T. Adesola Odo-Otin
11. Ifetedo Chief Magistrate's Court, Ifetedo Mr. Adeyemi Hezekiah Ife South
12. Ifon-Osun Magistrate's Court, Ifon-Osun Mrs. G.T. Oseni Orolu
13. Ibokun Magistrate's Court, Ibokun Mrs. A.O. Makanjuola Obokun
14. Iragbji Magistrate's Court, Iragbiji Mrs. T.J. Elumade Boripe
15. Apomu Magistrate's Court, Apomu Mr. I.A. Adeniran Isokan
16. Esa-Oke Magistrate's Court, Esa-Oke Mr. Oluwanisomo Ademiju Obokun
17. Ijebu-Jesa Magistrate's Court, Ijebu-Jesa Mr. I.O. Adeosun Oriade
18. Igbajo Magistrate's Court, Igbajo Miss L.B. Sangodele Boluwaduro
19. Oke-Ila Magistrate's Court, Oke-Ila Mr. A.R. Adetoyi Ifedayo
20. Iree Magistrate's Court, Iree Mr. S.O. Atoyebi Boripe
21. Ipetu-Jesa Magistrate's Court, Ipetu-Jesa Mr. O.A. Oni Oriade
22. Gbongan Magistrate's Court, Gbongan Mrs. A.B. Ogungbosin Ayedaade
23. Ipetumodu Magistrate's Court, Ipetumodu Mr. I.I. Adeyanju Ife North
24. Modakeke Magistrate's Court, Modakeke Mrs. B.O. Adegbola Ife East Area Office